Hi, My name is P. Reesama, owner of That African Girl (T.A.G) LLC. I was born in Liberia, West Africa and moved to the U.S at a young age. Growing up in a traditional African household you're surrounded by culture. You learn at a young age to love your heritage. I have a deep love for Pan African Diaspora and share that love with the world through my creations.


T.A.G was started in 2019 and has two branches. T.A.G accessories is a Pan African based company that features items that are handmade using 100% Ankara African Print fabric. The other half of T.A.G is our dolls. T.A.G dolls were inspired by my niece CoCo. She loves dolls but there weren't many dolls that resembled her so T.A.G dolls were born. Our dolls are OOAK and range in skin colors of the Diaspora (from light to dark chocolate). That way there is something for everyone in the Pan African Diaspora.


Just like no one person is made alike, each piece created is made with love and the customer in mind. I give a little culture, heritage and creativity  to every order.  Thank You for visiting and I hope you take a look around!!