Relax, Rewind and Reflect Take a load off with our Aromatherapy Box...Long day at work, stressed and just need a break.  Wash away your day with one our Sugar Scrub bar. Don’t feel like wrapping your hair, no worried. Lay your head on our satin Bonnet Pillowcase. Light a candle, slip your hair in your scrunchie and place your bonnet over...
This listing is for an Aromatherapy box set. This set includes the following.
- 2 Satin Bonnet Pillow
-Satin and Satin Bonnet
-Satin Scrunchie
- T.A.G candle (Please message for scent...we have Lavender lemon & Rose Water Bud)
- 2 Scrubs (Pick your 2 scent )

Bonnets, Pillow case and scrunchies are made of Satin on the  inside and out. Satin help assist in protecting you from losing hair and moisture retention. Train up your little one with their first hair bonnet.

These items can be machine washed in cold or delicate.  DO NOT use hot water to prevent shrinkage.   Tumble dry on a low setting or hang to air dry.

Items are made in a smoke free home. Photo may appear lighter/darker depending on your device monitor or screen resolution. 

100% Natural Sugar Scrub Bars

Scrub bars help remove dead skin, excess oil build up,exfoliate and moisture.
Scrubs are made out of 100% natural base products. Ingredients are blended to help moisture, soften and smooth away the roughness. Bars do not have added preservatives and are recommended for one usage to insure no bacterial build up. Awesome travel size and make a cute gift. Some of the  benefits of each ingredient is listed. Listed ingredients information are for educational purposes

Our products are made in small batches to assure the best mixture of ingredients

Rose Bud Sugar Scrub  Bar
-Brown Sugar :exfoliate
-Dry Rose Petals: promote collagen production
- Organic 100% Coconut Oil: moisturize skin
-Rose Water: soothes irritation
-Goat Milk Soap: Reduce oil build up

Green Tea & Honey Sugar Scrub Bar
-Green tea leaves : reduce inflammation
-Brown Sugar :exfoliate
- Raw Honey : hydrates and smooth skin
- Organic 100% Coconut Oil: moisturize skin
- Lemon essential oil: lightening dark spot
-Goat Milk Soap: Reduce oil build up

Lavender Bud Sugar Scrub Bar
- Lavender Buds: Soothe skin
-Brown Sugar :exfoliate
- Organic 100% Coconut Oil: moisturize skin
-Lavender essential oil : natural antibacterial
-Goat Milk Soap: Reduce oil build up

Oatmeal honey Sugar Scrub Bar
-Brown Sugar :exfoliate
- Ground Oats : reduce bbninflammation
- Organic 100% Coconut Oil: moisturize skin
- Raw Honey : hydrates and smooth skin
-Orange essential oil: increase blood flow
-Almond Oil: anti-inflammatory
-Goat Milk Soap: Reduce oil build up

All statements related to products have not been evaluated by the FDA. Items are not intended to be used on your face.
Please read all ingredients before purchasing products. These items may include tree nut oil/ butter. Please do not use if you have nut allergies. My producers are not guaranteed to repair damage,heal or cure any skin disease.  Please contact your physician before using especially if you have sensitive skin or medical conditions. Please keep out of reach of children.  Products are not made to be ingested. Avoid contact with eyes, flush your eyes with clean lukewarm water. Items used in products are raw/organic with non-toxic harmful preservatives. If any unusual symptoms start to arise please DISCONTINUE USING PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY ( use at your own risk)

-Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for stopping by

Aromatherapy Box Set